News Boy Network is a mobile broadcasting company that is app based. The app can be downloaded below. Due to restrictions by the app stores, News Boy Network offers the app on so that all the services from the company can be enjoyed by the people and advertisers. The News Boy Network app is offered "self installed". Follow the directions below to install the app on your device. The installation process can take less then 60 seconds.

1. Download the app here.
2. Select the app.
3. Select "setting" if that option shows up once you select the app.
4. If "setting" doesn't automatically show up, find it on your device.
5. Once you are in "setting" find "Lock Screen and Security" and turn on "Unknown Sources".
6. Once "Unknown Sources" is selected, go to the app and select "install".


(At first, you may get warning messages concerning "self installing" the app. Don't worry. These messages will eventually go away. If the "Riskware" dialog box appears at anytime during the usage of this app, just close out of it.)